TEVERUN Fighter Mini Eco Electric Scooter

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The TEVERUN Fighter Mini Electric Scooter is a powerful and efficient personal mobility solution designed for urban commuting and recreational riding. With its compact size and impressive performance capabilities, it offers a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation.

The scooter is equipped with a robust motor system, featuring dual 600W motors with a peak power output of 2200W. This configuration provides ample power to tackle various terrains and ensures swift acceleration, allowing riders to reach a maximum speed of approximately 50KM/H. Whether you’re manoeuvring through city streets or cruising along open roads, the TEVERUN Fighter Mini delivers a thrilling riding experience.

To support extended journeys, the scooter is equipped with a high-capacity 48V and 18.2Ah battery, providing a substantial amount of energy for prolonged rides. The battery pack incorporates a Smart Battery Management System (BMS) to optimise power usage, enhance safety, and prolong the battery life. This allows riders to cover a maximum range of around 60KM on a single charge, considering a load of 75KG and continuous riding at a speed of 25KM/H on flat roads.

The TEVERUN Fighter Mini Electric Scooter is designed to provide a comfortable and stable ride. It features 10 x 3.0" tires that offer excellent grip and shock absorption, ensuring a smooth journey even on uneven surfaces. The tubeless design also reduces the risk of sudden deflation, adding an extra layer of safety.

With regards to weight capacity, the scooter can accommodate riders weighing up to 120KG, allowing for a wide range of individuals to utilise this electric scooter comfortably. Whether you’re a daily commuter or an occasional rider, the TEVERUN Fighter Mini can support your needs while maintaining stability and control.

Overall, the TEVERUN Fighter Mini Electric Scooter combines power, range, and reliability in a compact and stylish package. With its impressive specifications, it offers a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation for urban dwellers and adventure seekers a like.

MODEL Fighter Mini Eco
MAX SPEED     25km/h Restricted / 50km/h - Private property
MAX RANGE*     Maximum Range: 60km (Tested with a 75kg rider, flat terrain, no wind)
BATTERY     52V 20AH Battery
2 x 1000W Motors
TYRES 10" CST Self-Healing Tyres
BRAKES Front + Rear Hydraulic Disc Brake
DISPLAY Full Colour Display with NFC Lock
SUSPENSION Spring Suspension
MAX LOAD 120kg

Unfolded: 1180MM (L) x 650MM (W) x 1250MM (H)

Folded: 1180MM (L) x 650MM (W) x 600MM (H)


*Max speed and range are calculated by the manufacturer under controlled factory conditions. Factors such as rider weight, terrain, hills, power mode and heavy acceleration can greatly reduce these figures.

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