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Eazybikes is proud to be a stockist of NCM e bikes, a company originally founded in Hanover, Germany in 2014. NCM stands out for its dedication to great quality and innovation, inspired by the cycling culture of Germany. The brand's name—derived from the elements nickel, cobalt, and manganese, which power their e-bike batteries—reflects their commitment to providing reliable and sustainable transport solutions.


We're happy to offer a great range of NCM e bikes, and we invite you to visit our store to take one for a spin and see the quality of NCM's electric bikes for yourself. NCM offers a variety of e-bikes, featuring high-performance electric mountain bikes like the NCM Moscow Plus E MTB, versatile trekking e bike options for adventurous rides, and sleek city bike models that are great for urban commuting.

If you need help deciding which of the NCM electric bikes is the best buy for you, or if you haven't found exactly what's needed, our team is always happy to support you and show you the way to pick the perfect ride for you from all the types of e bikes we have in store.

Take your time to view makes and models from our range of e bikes, ask questions, and let us assist you in making the best buying decision to meet your needs.

Frequently asked questions

Is NCM a Good Ebike Brand?

Yes, NCM is a reputable e-bike brand that was originally founded in Germany, known for its well-engineered products. When buying from NCM e bikes, you're choosing among brands that ensure quality bikes with innovative features. Their diverse product range caters to various needs, whether you're after a city bike or E MTB, making NCM e bikes a solid choice for both new and experienced riders looking for German engineering.

What NCM Models do you Stock?

We stock a range of NCM models suitable for different people. Our inventory includes the NCM Moscow e-mountain bike, perfect for off-road adventures, as well as other mountain bikes and trekking e bike models designed for both trail and road use. These models offer versatility and superior performance, we can provide the right NCM bikes for riders across Australia. We do not currently offer the NCM C5 or NCM C7 e bikes.

Do you Ship Australia-wide?

Yes, we do ship Australia-wide. This service enables us to extend our range of electric bikes, E MTB, and other products across the market. With our Australia-wide shipping, it's easy for our products to reach you, wherever you may be.

Not Sure? Got a Question?

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Please don't hesitate to call or email us if you have a question or just need information about a bike or spares for an existing e-bike.

You can also visit us in-store at 1/12 Farrall Road, Midvale WA 6056 and have a look at out large range of e-bikes and accessories