Why Buy an E Scooter?

E-scooters are all about making life easier and more fun, especially if you're someone who loves zooming around a beautiful city like Perth, Western Australia. Scooters are super handy for getting from point A to point B, whether you're heading to work, Uni, a date, or are just out to explore.

Without the fuss of parking or sitting in traffic, you get more time to enjoy the cool spots around the city or to find new favourite places.

Riding an e-scooter feels like a breeze, literally. Hills? No sweat. Windy days? No problem. You get to glide around without getting too warm or tired on your trip, which means you can see more, do more, and still have energy left over.


    E scooters are not just a win for the environment; they're also a smart way to save some cash. With low charging costs and fewer maintenance needs compared to other modes of transport, opting for an e scooter can be a savvy move for anyone looking to cut down on expenses. When you make the switch, you can forget about high fuel costs and parking fees, making your commute not just eco-friendly but also economical.


    E-scooters shine when it comes to zipping around the city, offering unbeatable convenience for your daily trips. Scooters are ideal for anyone eager to escape the hassle of traffic congestion and the headache of finding parking.


    Opting for an e-scooter in Western Australia is more than an easy way to navigate your local communities; it's a step towards a greener planet. With zero emissions, it also links you to a clean, eco-friendly way to get around, ensuring your trips contribute to sustainability.

    It's about enjoying the freedom of the open road without leaving a carbon footprint, blending environmental responsibility with pure enjoyment.


    E-scooters are a dream for any rider who prefers to spend less time and money on service and upkeep. Thanks to their simple design and fewer parts that need replacing over time, e-scooters require significantly less maintenance compared to traditional vehicles or electric bicycles.

    This means riders can enjoy more time exploring and less time worrying about wear and tear. The convenience of minimal service needs makes e-scooters a practical choice for those seeking an efficient and low-maintenance mode of transportation.


On the hunt for a scooter that seems tailor-made for your needs?

Our detailed guide will steer you through selecting the ideal one, guaranteeing a choice that seamlessly aligns with your way of life and instils confidence in your decision.

Offering insights on various models and features, our team is here to ensure that finding your ideal e-scooter is as thrilling as the rides ahead.



    If you're in Perth, visit our shop for the best range of WA-compliant electric scooters and accessories. We're proud to offer what many consider the best stock of e-scooters not just in Western Australia but in the world, all right here in our shop, in your backyard.


    Our shop is the go-to spot in Perth for e-scooters, boasting a range that includes only the world's most reliable and high-performing brands. We're proud to offer e-scooters from Segway, Bolzzen, Vsett, Mearth,Dualtron Zero, and Kintech, ensuring that every visit to our store is an opportunity to shop the best scooters on the market both in Australia and the world.

    Whether you're seeking durability, speed, or innovative features, our selection of scooters has you covered. We stock trusted brands like Mearth and Bolzzen that meet the diverse needs of Perth's e-scooter enthusiasts.


    Overcome the challenges of a big purchase by adding an e-scooter to your cart today and enjoy the flexibility of splitting the payment with Afterpay or Zip. This option is available for both in-store and online purchases, making it easier for you to shop. Get rolling without the upfront financial pressure.


    Owning an e-scooter should be as breezy as riding one. That’s why, at our family-oriented store, we’re dedicated to delivering excellent after-sales support for every sale.

    Start with a complimentary first service in our shop to keep your scooter compliant and running smoothly, followed by fairly priced, high-quality servicing to maintain your ride. Our approach is all about being approachable and customer-centric. We're never pushy and are always committed to ensuring you receive the straightforward and supportive service you need every time you stop by the shop or contact us.


Come visit our shop in Perth, Western Australia, and take one of our e-scooters for a test ride.

It's the best way to see how an e-scooter can fit into your daily life, whether you're navigating the bustling streets of the city, making quick trips to the local café or popping up to the shop, or simply enjoying a leisurely ride. With a wide range of e-scooters for sale and currently in stock at our shop, we're ready to assist all visitors in their search for the ideal ride.

Frequently asked questions

Is It Legal To Ride Electric Scooters in Perth?

Yes, riding electric scooters in Perth is legal, provided they meet certain conditions aligned with the road traffic regulations in Western Australia. But before you go adding an e-scooter to your cart, it's important to note the following legal regulations:

  • E-Scooter Compliance: Your e-scooter must be less than 125cm long, 70cm wide, and 135cm high, and must not weigh more than 25kg.
  • Speed Limits: E-scooters should not travel faster than 10 km/h on footpaths and 25 km/h on bicycle paths, shared paths, and local roads.
  • Helmet & Bell:Safety first—riders are required to wear helmets at all times for protection and have a functioning bell.
  • Where to Ride: E-scooters are permitted on roads, footpaths, and shared paths. Riders must keep to the left and always give way to pedestrians, prioritising their safety.
  • Road Restrictions: It's illegal to ride on roads with a speed limit over 50 km/h, dividing lines, or median strips, and one-way streets with more than one lane.
  • Age Restrictions: Children over the age of 16+ can ride e-scooters.
  • Time of Use: Riding during the hours of darkness is not allowed.

These guidelines are designed to keep both riders and pedestrians safe while allowing you to enjoy the convenience and fun of riding an e-scooter in Perth.

Where Can’t E-scooters Go in Perth?

There are specific places where you can't ride a scooter in Perth. It's illegal to ride scooters in Perth on private property without permission, as well as in busy pedestrian areas like Forrest Place and the Hay and Murray St Malls to ensure pedestrian safety. Also, riding scooters on roads that have speed limits higher than 50km/h is not allowed. These rules help make sure scooters are used safely in the community.

Why Should I Buy an E-Scooter When I Can Rent One Anywhere in Perth?

In Perth, the council has partnered with e-scooter share schemes like Beam to provide electric scooters, giving residents a range of options to get around. However, owning your own Perth electric scooter comes with the advantage of unlimited access. You won’t have to go searching for an available scooter or worry about how long you've ridden.

This means you can freely explore the range of Perth’s surroundings on your schedule, ensuring a ride that's tailored to your comfort and safety needs. Plus, for residents who frequently use Perth electric scooters, owning one could lead to significant savings over time compared to the costs of constantly renting. This option offers a more personalised and convenient way to navigate the city, along with the potential for saved costs.

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