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The Smart Cube Tail Light is an innovative cycling accessory featuring an auto brake sensor and a super bright COB LED array that pumps up to 50 Lumens. This light comes with a seat post mount, and seat rail mount and has a clip on the body so it can be mounted practically anywhere.

Crafted from a combination of aluminum alloy frame and durable PC materials, its construction ensures reliability and longevity. Charging is convenient with the Type-C port, making it easy to power up the light. Emitting a maximum of 50 lumens in a radiant red hue, this light enhances visibility while cycling, promoting safety on the road. The color scheme showcases a sleek matt black exterior complemented by a vibrant red lens. The rechargeable 400mAh li-poly battery ensures sustained use and a full charge is achieved in just 3 hours.

Modes and Runtime:
Long press = on/off:

  • When it is on, click switch to change modes:
  • 50% A&B both slow flash:2HZ, 5h+20mins)
  • 60% A&B flash alternately(3.5h+20mins)
  • 50% B 1HZ+50% A 2HZ flash alternately (6h+20mins)
  • Both A & B, 3.5h+20mins
  • 50% A steady & 50% B flash (2hz, 3h+20mins)
  • Double-click to toggle between flash modes and steady modes

Steady modes:

  • A 60% steady (B off, 6h+20mins)
  • B 60% steady (A off, 3h+20mins)
  • A&B 30% steady (4h+20mins)
  • A&B 60% steady (2.5h+20mins)


        • When it senses brake, A&B will shine in 100% steady for 3 seconds and then it will return to the original mode automatically.
        • When the battery is low, the light will turn to 50% flash mode automatically to last another 30 mins before it totally switches off due to being out of power.
        • Mountable on seatpost, on saddle rail or on belt/bag

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