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Kintech Venom 10GT Pro Electric Scooter

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Kintech Venom 10GT Pro

If you are looking for a powerful premium scooter packed full of the latest top end features, you can’t go past Kintech’s “Venom 10GT-Pro”

Powered by 60V/24AH or 60V/30AH battery and dual 1400W motors, the Venom 10GT Pro will accelerate from 0kmh to 80kmh in seconds and climb any hill with ease (limited to 25kmh in Australia)

As with all electric scooters the battery pack is the core of the scooter and Venom 10GT Pro won’t disappoint, offering a choice of 60V/24AH or a 60V/30AH Samsung battery.

Venom’s dual 30A sine wave controllers have excellent modulation and deliver smooth exhilarating acceleration as well as increased rider control at lower speeds.

The frame is best in class and has been engineered to perfection. Crafted from aircraft grade aluminium and produced using forging or extrusion processes gives the frame fantastic strength characteristics and long service life.

A smooth stable ride is guaranteed thanks to the long travel 100mm hydraulic coil spring suspension system.

Powerful hydraulic disc brakes are also installed, coupled with programable electronic motor braking. Venom 10GT will stop on a dime!

The 100mm wide TFT colour display and CX300 thumb throttle give the user improved riding control. All parameters of this scooter can be altered to suit any riders style. Additional information such as controller temperatures, current draw and mode status are easily viewed in all conditions.

GT’s deck is lined with a 3M rubber which has excellent grip and span length of 540mm with an additional 120mm footrest incorporated at the rear. This extended space allows the rider to have a wider riding stance and enhances the overall stability.

Venom’s steering stem is taller than most models in this class and the folding hinge is fitted with the best double coupling clamp on the market.

The dual 1400W motors are detachable and have 10 x 3 inch tubed tyres installed on 2-piece alloy rims. Servicing is a breeze and allows for a wide range of tyre styles and brands to be used.

A powerful 10W headlight and horn come standard, and the deck is equipped with additional headlights, brake lights and blinkers.

The deck and steering stem also have a programable RGB LED lighting system which is controlled and easy modified via an APP on your phone.

Overall, the Venom 10GT Pro is a weapon. Packed full of the latest electronic features, tough frame and powerful motors. Recommended for anyone looking to get an industry leading high end scooter at the best price!

As with all Kintech products the Venom 10GT-Pro comes supplied with 12 months manufacturer backed warranty.

60V/24 Ah Li-ion Battery, 60V/30 Ah Li-ion Battery
MOTOR 60V 1400W Dual Motors
MAX SPEED 25Km/h (limited to conform with Australian standards) 80Km/h If used in other regions or on private property
MAX DISTANCE 24Ah: 40~60km 30Ah: 50~70km
MAX LOAD 120kg
UNFOLDING SIZE 1320*680*1310mm(L*W*H)
TIRE 10*3.0inch(pneumatic)
BRAKING Front & Rear Hydraulic Brake + Electric Brake
THROTTLE TFT display(with multifunction)
SUSPENSION Front and rear suspension
*Max speed and range are calculated by the manufacturer under controlled factory conditions. Factors such as rider weight, terrain, hills, power mode and heavy acceleration can greatly reduce these figures.

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