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Bexly 10X Electric Scooter

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Need For Speed
If you have a need for speed, the Bexly 10x 18ah is an excellent match. This electric scooter boasts a massive 2000W of power that will reach speeds of up to 55km/h within seconds.

Comfortable Ride
The Bexly 10x is fitted with adjustable dual suspension that you can alter depending on the kind of terrain you’re riding on. Keep your ride as comfortable as possible by choosing a smooth or rigid suspension setting.

Go Further
The massive 18.2Ah battery lets the Bexly 10x Electric Scooter travel a distance of 65km on a single charge. You can be cruising all day long and still have enough power to go to the shop the next day!

Save your Battery
A great feature found in the Bexly 10x is the eco mode. This allows you to use one of the two motors and preserve the charge of your electric scooter. For the thrill-seekers out there, switch to turbo mode to engage both motors and feel the true power of this fantastic electric scooter.

Be Seen on the Roads
The Bexly 10x has lights all over it, including headlights and brakelights. It keeps you safe by allowing pedestrians and traffic to see you when you’re travelling on the roads, even in dark conditions.


TOP SPEED Up to 65km/h (Limited to 25km/h)
RANGE Up to 40km
MOTOR 2x 1000W
TYRES 10 inch
SUSPENSION Adjustable Coil Suspension
BATTERY 52V 18.3Ah
MAXIMUM LOAD  Up to 120kg