Top 5 E-bikes for Getting to Work in the City

September 28, 2022 3 min read

Electric bikes (E-bikes) are all the rage these days and for good reason! Rather than contending with peak hour traffic or getting squashed into packed public transport, an e-bike will get you where you need to go without the headaches. 

What are the Benefits of an E-bike?

E-bikes are better for the environment than driving your own car as they’re emission-free and energy efficient. 

Riding an E-bike is faster than riding a regular bicycle, as (depending on the E-bike) it can reach speeds of up to 45kms per hour, and you won’t work up a sweat and need a shower when you get to the office! 

Still not convinced? E-bikes are a great money-saver, as you’re not having to pay for public transport costs, or parking, fuel, and the upkeep of your own vehicle.

So, now that we’ve sold you on the idea of an E-bike, here are our top 5best bikes for getting to work in the city:

#1 VelectriX Foldaway Electric Bike

The VelectriX Foldaway E-bike is compact, capable and comfortable. 

Featuring a low step-through folding frame and adjustable seat & handlebar height, the Foldaway fits a wide range of riders, and a strong rear rack means you will always have a place to store your bag, and anything else you need for work! 

It folds away for easy storage, making it perfect for commuting as it can be stored in an office with minimal space.

#2 VelectriX Cruiser Step Through 

The new VelectriX Cruiser Step Through e-bike is a stripped-back, classic low step through cruiser style e-bike in a gorgeous colour that will make you want to ride every day…anywhere and everywhere, in comfort and with a smile on your face.

A classy uber cool look is paired with comfort in spades. The low step-through frame makes the bike easy to mount, while the upright riding position, the swept-up bars, and the wide, plush seat offer premium comfort, so no matter how long the commute, you’ll arrive at the office feeling ready to tackle the day!

#3 VelectriX Cruiser Mens Electric Bike

The Cruiser also comes in a men’s version, in a sleek silver colour. Powered by a whisper quiet, but powerful Bafang 250 watt rear hub motor and fully integrated 11.6ah battery, it will effortlessly assist you for distances up to 60kms per charge, with only 3-4 hour recharge time.

If you’re looking for amazing value for money, comfort and style, then look no further than the new VelectriX Cruiser Mens e-bike.

#4 LeGrande 250W Step Through E-Bike

We absolutely love the sleek, clean design of the LeGrande 250W Step Through E-bike. It has a 250w rear hub motor and the battery is cleverly concealed in the frame so there’s no messing around with bulky batteries. 

The LeGrande is perfect for commuting to and from work.

#5 Volt Mate Folding Electric Bike

The VOLT MATE X is a foldable, lightweight, long-range electric bike. 

Futuristic in every way possible, it comes in 3 eye-catching colours including blue, orange and red. It has frames made with alloy-molding technology which makes it lightweight yet sturdy enough to support a 150kg load. Being a folding E-bike, the VOLT MATE X is the perfect choice for commuters looking for convenience and a bike that stands out from the crowd!

E-bikes come in such a wide range of colours, styles and sizes, there’s one to suit all riders.Not only do they look great, but E-bikes are also better for the environment, better for your wallet, and better for your health as opposed to driving yourself or catching public transport to and from work. 

Check out the full range available of commuter e-bikes and invest in an electric bike for yourself to get to work!